The kiasu parents that can’t wait to let their kids start learning and reading.

Ok. It was bothering me for a bit that I wasn’t reading any books or bed time stories or teaching Jerry anything at all for a while. I read books/websites and they all indicated that babies can learn to identify with colors and baby books with sharp contrasts do them good and aid their ability to learn (or something of the sort la). All Jerry had was this sophie giraffe that was gifted and no one also sang children songs to him (I sucks at singing), der doesn’t know what baby/children songs there are or maybe he couldn’t be bothered (who knows?). Funny how he can belt out jacky cheung songs easily or any of those chinese/cantonese pop songs but didn’t sing a single children song for his son even when I prompted him to do so. I felt kinda guilty that I wasn’t teaching him anything at all and the usual day goes by with him drinking milk and sleeping.

The last couple of days saw me searching YouTube videos to play songs for him and he does quieten down and hear then out. I dragged the hubby out over the weekend to get him some children books since I had tons of vouchers which are going to expire in end august and bought Jerry a whole bunch of books and toys.

Over zealous is me, but the vouchers were $50 each and I couldn’t find anything else useful to buy to make up the value..

Have been wanting to get him a stroller toy for the longest time. More like I liked the toy than him, I got him the Lamaze horsey! Me likey! Heh. Posing with his new toy..

Here’s a video of him playing with horsey today.. My mum hung it over her bed while she looked after him this morning. I accidentally chanced upon this and secretly filmed it. He woke from his nap and was playing by himself, oblivious that I was hiding and filming from a corner of the room.

Jerry wore shoes for the first time too! Thought he is mad cute though the shoes are a little too big and technically, he doesn’t need them at all.

Picture taken when I tried them on, he eventually went out with socks as well.

In the car, on the way out for breakfast and Jerry spotting a curry puff hairstyle. Not sure what happened, his mohawk hair got flattened, I think.. The rat belongs to me, I “reared” a family of them in der’s car..

We popped out for a BBQ as well at my colleague’s house and my marcom team. It was kinda fun and nice seeing everyone, and meeting the new faces that joined while i was “gone”! There was too much food and I had overdose of everything! The durian, chicken wings, bacon, sausages, ice cream and blueberry cheesecake was very very nice! I brought otak along and was busy stuffing myself silly. But when the stingray, sandwiches and more food came (there was a whole big tray of sushi too!!), I was.. OMG, I cannot eat anymore! Jerry was enjoying himself, he napped the most bit of it, unscathed by the noise and when he woke? He was all smiles and enjoyed being carrying around, until he got really hungry and started sobbing! Oops! I wanted to charge my colleagues a fee for everything! Carrying, take picture and feeding! Anyone interested? Heh.

We threw a birthday celebration surprise for the big boss. Actually, I was totally unaware until they said there was a cake..and I stupidly went.. huh? Cake? Why bring a cake for BBQ?!

Haha. Happy (advance) birthday BOSS!

Eh, did he make a birthday wish? Please wish that the entire dept get very good pay raise please! Errmm, joking lah! He didn’t eat the cake that I cut up for him. Boo. =(

Because of that, I took his cake home! Nah? Of cos I don’t dare.. The cake was very nice and when no one could eat anymore and the boss doesn’t want to bring it back, I volunteered cos der likes the cake! It was half of the entire cake!! Yummy yummy.

That pretty much sums up my weekend, in jumbles though. It was great, except that I sprained my back slightly at the BBQ cos the plastic table I saw on gave way (screw popped out) and collapsed, bringing me along with me and had my half-eaten chicken wing flying up in the air. Thankfully didn’t hit anyone but I gave (or maybe the chicken wing gave) everyone a big scare. Looking forward to the next!

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