after 2 weeks break, the jap class ordeal is gonna start all over again. im not sure if i’m really up to it, since i havent even caught up with all the missed classes and really understand enough to proceed.

remember the test that i forgot to study about? i was told that i score 50 marks (just passed), and am allowed to proceed. i know i should be putting in effort to start reading up on the jap to prepare for the class tomorrow night.. but despite my brain constantly reminding myself about it, my body refuses to act as it is supposed to be.


i am such a lazy bum. can someone kick my butt and get me moving? i’m a little sad as well cos yee tat wont be taking the jap class with me anymore. he decided that he couldnt catch up and wanted to take B2 and I1 all over again.. which means, i’m pretty much on my own now.


and i still don’t know if i can hop to jap class tomorrow night since it would really be ex and inconvenient to go to class in my crutches and attempt to climb 4 storeys of stairs. im keeping my fingers crossed.

my physio session’s at 10am tomorrow and it’s high time to pop into bed. now, im full of regrets agreeing to help my physiotherapist abt appearing early in the morning. apparently, there’s a write up on the physio sessions for ACL from 2 major papers on mon and wednesday morning, and i have agreed to turn up on both accounts to help him.

now, the thoughts of dragging myself outta bed irks me. damn. why did i agree in the first place?