i have been a really really naughty girl. someone spank me, please!

i met up with vic and to on tuesday evening. i havent seen vic 8 months!! gosh! he’s gonna ROM this may and im am so happy for him, cos i happened to know the bride karine as well. a junior in tp.

and guess what we had?!? we plonked ourselves at our favourite foodie hunt and stuff ourselves silly! *yums*

i shouldnt be eating some of the stuff there, because the wounds on my leg aint good yet. but temptation and determination, i give in to the former. 🙁

the 2 of them are also BAD BAD bad guys. they brought me to chill and had me drink quite a bit of beer! *yucks* i am really not a bear (typo) beer drinker. i cannot take the gas. and we went to have supper at Bedok 85!

bah chor mee not as good anymore and it’s been YEARS since i last ate. the last time i remembered ordering was eons ago and the order didnt come after 1 hr+, so we walked away without eating. wei has been so pissed that we didnt go back anymore because the lady insisted we didnt order and told us we had to wait another hr. Grr.

all in all, it was really a simple yet super fun day. its great to know that simple things and good friends make an outing a splendid one!

and oh, time to gobble down my brekkie and run for physio! i am so late already!