My uncle arrived last night because it’s my granduncle’s birthday today and we all traveled up south to msia to celebrate the occasion.

Anyway, I must say the past few days has been rather shitty. My work laptop crashed non stop and my IS couldn’t fix it and I had to back up my entire hard disk so that they can reformat it. Unfortunately, it was a busy weekend for me with a roadshow happening so it was kinda madness in some sense. Well, i brought my laptop home (but i have yet to find the time to do it). Then, when I got home.. I heard news of grandma being in hospital.. Unconscious.. won’t survive through the night.. And the entire family sped to kluang, where my grandma’s hospital is.. That’s 2-3hrs drive away, in case you are wondering. I didn’t go because Jerry was already in bed, I was quite sick and I had the roadshow to go the next morning. I prayed hard that it was not a decision that I had to regret later. Turns out, she came out of the coma, was ok and seems like she suffered some kind of stroke. The information were all fuzzy (from doc to uncle and to everyone’s mouth) but I guess all I wanted to hear was that my grandma was ok. So, Sunday was busy with traveling and all and being stuck in the typical causeway jam on the way back.

This box, was really the only thing to be cheerful about. Heh. I was mega excited about unbox-ing it the moment Jerry went down for his nap and the husband stared at me in amazement and muttered that it’s time to start online shopping too (he just cannot believe his eyes and figured if he can’t stop me, he’ll join me..)

Would you be interested to know what’s in the box?? Here it is!

First up, retractable brushes! The one that I currently own has been quite a number of years.. (I think almost 10 years!!) I know. I know! Quite gross right? I haven’t been able to find one to replace I haven’t been actively searching for it because it is always not top of mind and you know, I’m quite a lazy person so make up is not really thang. Besides, I only use the retractable brush when I’m out.. Which essentially means its at the lower ranks when it comes to top of mind recall. Wait. Scrap that. It’s out of sight, out of mind.

Ecotools retractable brushes! It’s damn soft, and i love that it’s brush head is big and can cover my cheek bone in one stroke, but it’s so small and compact!

Mad love. I actually bought 2 of them at one go.

I admit this is a impulsive buy! I was surfing around and I think there was discount on this so I added it to my cart! I am still undecided if I should keep this (and let it go to waste cos I hardly use) or give it away as a Christmas gift. What say you?

The colors. I was very tempted to swatch it (must be all the influence of the beauty blogs that I read.. especially roseannetangrs since she used to be the ‘intern’ in my ex-company) but I decided against it. Shall swatch it when I really decide to keep it.

Another one of those impulse purchase. Heh. Wet n wild mega stick in 674A (mixed berry petits fruits).

And guess what is the main bulk of the purchase?! Nail polishes! Ok. I think I went a little click crazy because they are soooooo cheap. Ok. Wayyyyy cheaper than what you can get in Singapore. Here goes!

9 bottles of color club. Errrrmm. Shall add their colors/name another day because the baby is sleeping and im not going to unpack all of them to check. Besides, it’s lights off already and I can’t really see anything clearly except my phone/computer screens. I love love the bright colors here!

9 bottles of china glaze! Actually, it’s 10 bottles because after I took this picture, I ‘unearthed’ another bottle – ‘some like it haute’ but was rushing out for dinner already so didn’t bother..

Another 10 bottles of orly. Not sure if you realized but the difference with the nail polishes that I have here compared to those that I currently own are the colors! I wanted to add more rainbow colors to the collection. The current ones i have are mostly of a darker shade or reds/pinks. Having a lot more colors also equate to a lot more options when it comes to doing nail art.

I bought 3 bottles of savina, no idea of they are good. I bought it cos they are dirt cheap. Told you I went click crazy.

OPI base coats, seche vite base coats (finally! I missed it dearly after my mum broke it) and orly top and bottom coat. Never tried the last one before so I thought I’ll give it a try!

I have a couple more loose items like a tub of Burt’s bee cuticle oil and lip balm (you can see it from the first picture) and toothbrush/paste for my son from my aunt.

I can’t wait to try the polishes out! But I’m too tired for now. Am trying to fit too many things into my life. By the way, the husband will be off to reservist for 2 weeks and hopefully I can cope without him. Man, so tough being a mum/wife/worker/daughter. I need more sleep!

Flopping back into bed. Waking in an he to send my hubby to the camp!

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