it’s late. i’ll squeeze in a fast entry (but a long one) and head back to my room to prepare some surprise.

it’s jean’s bdae today. loads of food. mum’s curry chicken, lisa’s curry chickie wings, brani rice, cucumber salad, keropok and fred’s home made ice cream and pineapples.

a surprise cake and a surprise lunch treat. we acted blur the whole day and hid all the food in the cupboards. and act bored that we are gonna go to the canteen for lunch. hehe. shant say more.

headed off to play badminton with fred after work. damn! he’s so good, that in the 6 competitive games we played, my highest score is 6pts. needless to say.. i lost all 6 games! a huge blow to my ego. hee. he doesnt even need to run and im panting like mad on the other end. i guess tall people do have some privileges. my legs and arms are aching right after the games. i even got a blister! argh!

right after the badminton. i got home, dropped my bags and headed for a jog. 2.4km in abt 16mins. i dont know if it’s good or bad. but my legs ache badly. after that i continued in a half jog, brisk walk mode to complete half an hr on the jogging track. on the way back, i ran up the flight of stairs on my blk and ran down again. did crunches, push ups, leg lifts.. and now.. im feeling like jelly.

the fatigue is setting in fast. and i spent the rest of the night washing my laundry (manually!), scrubbing my bathroom and all. you can start to imagine how beat i am.

i need to head for bed now. eyes closing.