it’s been a while since i blogged. nothing significant for me to mention here these days.. i have been feeling down too. too much high and it seems that it’s time for some down period.

i had terrible dizzy spells this morning. so much that i lazed in bed for 45 mins, debating if i should declare mc. my head hurts too. i think it’s attributed to the fact that i didnt sleep well last nite.

i start thinking how ironic things are for me. almost every other night, i sleep late and complain about being tired when i wake, when i’m at work.. i went to bed so early (at 12+am, much earlier as compared to my usual sleeping hrs) last night, hoping for much need rest and i ended up tossing and turning in bed the whole night.

the aircon started giving out cranking noises at abt 3am. woke me up and i had to switch off the aircon coz i didnt know what was wrong. it was hot, turned on the fan but i was too disturbed by the fact that it was much noiser. couldnt sleep. got frustrated and switched off the fan and decided to sleep without any air blowing, but i was sweating and feeling really uncomfortable. and so, i woke this morning, feeling that i havent slept a wink.

wei seemed to be mad with me last night. *sigh* one can never seemed to please everyone eh?

met up with remy (tp eng) for dinner last nite at bishan. nothing much, just bits of crapping and catching up with each other.. havent seen him since the last time we played billard and pool years back. it was fun. sometimes, it is through meetings like this, that trigger memories hidden in the depths of your mind.

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