i wish the weekend didnt end…

i haven’t caught up with my sleep debt from the trip yet! it’s been a busy weekend thus far!

met up with 18 other of my colleagues for a game of paintball today. it’s my first attempt at playing and i think i kinda suck in it. it’s not that easy to aim because the balls are so light, they sway accordingly to the wind, and its subjective to the gas dispenser. it’s quite funny to see the balls head down prematurely before it even hits your target.

its a pity that the game was so short. i would love more of it, but i’m sure there will be more opportunities in the future. I got a souvenir from the ordeal though.

it’s a bruise that’s 7cm in diameter, right smack on my thigh. *ouch*

that’s my team mates – team beta

the whole bunch of us

team delta

team charlie

team alpha

i’m eagerly waiting for the next session. now, if only I have more time every day. there’s so many things that i need to get gone!

now, let me finish the korean royal painter drama first.

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