i havent had the time to read blog abt the recent happenings. i was just catching up with unpolished_gem via sms a moment ago. it’s a tad weird cos we usually catch each other online most of the time..

i dont know why, but of late, i find my life turning a little more hectic. im struggling to stay awake come every morning and literally dragging myself to work. after work, it’s hopping downtown or the suburban malls to get some errands done and do my new year shopping. back at home, there is a whole list of items on my to-do list.. and battling the Z monster while trying to get the task done.

last night, i was struggling with my jap homework when i fell asleep after doing 10 questions out of the 100+ that i had. i didnt even have the time to revise what i learnt. the room’s still in a mess and i am desperately finding time to clean it further.

i met up with belle and ooyee for a japanese dinner at sun & moon. sent my mobile in for repair while i was in wheelock and the queue was so long (30 people in the queue and counting)!!! even tho i was there at 6pm, where most people are just knocking off. and it’s gonna cost me $80-$150 bucks for the repairs. 🙁

i cannot afford the hefty 600+ for n7370 or the 800+ for n70. and i cannot get the phone packages cos i still have a contract to fulfill, and so, i’ll have to make do with the repairs.

we zipped around town checking out stuff and rushing about trying to grab the stuff i had on my shopping list. felt a bit bad that i was kinda dragging sy and belle ard. grabbed some thongs from topshop, a top from isetan, and a japanese dictionary from borders. didnt see much that i liked and couldnt find some of the stuff i had in mind. hee hee.. thanks girls for the companionship! i appreciate it loads!

had drinks and nattering session at coffee club express after all the shops close. it was fun and i was really a bit sad to leave for home.

the rest of the tuesday night was spent vetting through wei’s report and helping him do some research on his assignment. it’s been a while since i offered my help and i really missed the feeling of churning out reports and arguements. it’s like i rekindled a dying fire within me, and it felt really good to be able to contribute something into wei’s report. it does help that the subject was one that i used to have good grades it.

yesterday, i stopped being lazy and started to clear the outstanding stuff i have at work. i dont want to be rushing it through later especially there are loads of personal stuff to pack and collate just before i leave.

met belle again at northpoint yesterday for a impromptu tepanyaki dinner at northpoint and shopping. there are still loads for me to grab since i just started shopping for new year clothes on tuesday, and there wasnt much time left after dinner. carried home 2 pairs of shoes, and a bag of lingerie from john little amongst other small insignificant stuff. and there! i blew $250 just like that! im sure im gonna feel the repercussion of the spending very soon..

more stuff to pay for this weekend. bills, chinese new year goodies, more shopping, and hopefully a decent weekend with my boy, which also translates into spending. oh no, please let me have more ang pow money this year so that i can survive on the trip. and win money during the once-a-year gambling sessions. if anyone of you know cai shen, please introduce me. i need his presence badly. haha.

no choice what. im quite broke since there is no aws, no bonus, no nothing. but, i will survive!! must imprint the words SAVE SAVE SAVE at the back of my head. i’m quite an ironic person actually. i save on a lot of things, only to splurge on good food and stuff that i have affinity with (read: shoes & bags). what to do? im a woman what.

oh oh.. congratulations to belle for her new shiny job! you lucky girl! i’m so so happy for you that you are getting the job and your US trip is not affected! this is what i call shiok man. must really enjoy yourself when u are there ya? but first, let me go “to-po” and check out what is worth the $$.

here’s what i did to my phone last week after it died on me and i was desperate to try any method i found on google.

and just for the fun of it.. guess what this is!!

hee.. hee.. now, off to check off some items on my following to-do list:

1. japanese homework
2. study for jap dictation next monday
3. sort out bags
4. do laundry
5. continue spring cleaning of room
6. sort photos to send for developing before next weekend
and the list goes on…

and oh oh.. i have been wanting to post this.. but i keep forgetting. i have 2 pcs of 60GB iPod Video in white to clear. Brand new. comes with guarantee (from the date you purchase). interested parties, drop me a comment!