He has upgraded to being a koala lately!

Since my last update a week ago, I have since moved Jerry back into the cot and he sleeps there on all occasions, except the times where I am in the bathroom or expressing milk. He goes into the rocker during those brief moments or the sofa, but briefly. I didn’t blog about it in fear of jinxing it, but I think he’s pretty ok these days.

His heat rashes has since cleared up quite a bit, but he has developed some fungi rash (!) at some other parts of his body! He is still peeling like a snake so the pd ordered loads more of moisturizer.

The last couple of days have been hectic. I am not sure what is wrong but my boy refuses to sleep, screaming and crying non stop after his feed, and when he eventually sleeps, he vomits out milk on random occasions while sleeping. Scary! He cries for 2-4hrs non stop, refuses to be soothe and it’s quite heart wrenching and helpless to watch, not knowing what is wrong. After all that, diaper, hunger check and all sorts of methods to soothe him. It drove me bonkers and I had that huge urge to throw him out of the window. I’m serious. And try going through a few cycles of it in a day, all by yourself.. With occasional help from my mum. Seriously, he would have been thrown by me if not for my mum. I was going through a huge bout of depression, and I was soooo tired and frustrated.. I also fell sick and am coughing like mad now.

Persuaded the hubby to bring him for a check up and we went last Saturday, but he seems to be growing well!! And too much, I think.

The pd was shocked at his weight gain. Heh. He is now at 55cm tall, 3.84kg with a head circumference of 36cm. He sure did grow alot in the last 3 weeks! Drinking too much, she says. And too frequently. (yeah, I was RIGHT about my mum making my son drunk on milk, and also the fact that he’s growing quite a bit!). Space out his feeds, she says. Cannot drink every 2 hours (although he wakes for his milk like clockwork), do 3 hourly feeds of 90-100ml, she says.

He was cleared on everything else and was given some rashes cream, anti reflux medication and more moisturizer!

His first oral medication. He seems to enjoy taking it!

The sleeping angel. I wish he could sleep all day like that!

Say YAY(!) to cot sleeping!

Look at his chubby cheeks.

Mirror mirror on the wall, who is the cutest of all us all?

Late night demand for milk, wearing his new top from obtuseyanzz.

My little starfish. Heh.

Look, he is smaller than my silly.

Daddy carrying him while waiting at the pd..

I keep myself amused at times. I pulled his socks high high and thought he looked mad cute. Sent it to the hubby with a caption that says.. papa! I’m gonna be a footballer when I grow up!

Burping him into slumberland.

Daddy’s first attempt at bathing the baby yesterday.. Major breakthrough! But I also realized something – the boy didn’t pay attention during the antenatal classes!! I was like a mother hen ‘clucking’ over the entire bathing process. If I could touch the ‘raw’ water, I would and have snatched Jerry over to bathe him myself! Heh.

Jerry enjoying his medication. I never seen someone take medication with such happiness and jest (of cos, he doesn’t know its medication). the syringe is so tiny and cute and 1ml seemed like a lot in that little syringe.

Taken today, my boy has double chin! Pardon his grouchy face. I woke him up with the snap of the camera.

In milk production wise, it has dipped for the last 2 days, bit worrying but I think it’s because I’m sick. Otherwise, the fridge has a rather healthy supply. So much so, I have maxed out the freezer space already, short of taking all the ice cubes out from there.

And here are the bottles in the chiller, chilling out, waiting to be warmed.

A new fridge is in order!

And oh? Here’s a little card that will be given out with the cakes for the relatives. Heh. I made him sound like some party animal..

Can’t wait for the weekend!

Meanwhile, I am going to limit my confinement to end this Thursday! 4 weeks after I give birth. Lol. Did I mention that I drove my mum mad by washing my hair every single day? Thing is, she said ok to bathing daily but wash my hair every alternate day but the month of may is really too hot! I sometimes even ration my bath water and bathe twice (once in the morning and once in the evening before sun down) much to her horror! So yeah, while she drives me crazy.. I give her a fair share of distress as well. Woohoo! Am going to the hairdresser and the manicurist before the weekend. I cannot wait!


Oh, now that the news of my baby being overfed is out and she is strictly not to feed my baby unless the time is up.. (doc’s instructions) She has gotten to angst me with.. “the baby have difficulty shitting. I think he is constipated. Must be the things you eat… (repeat 15 times a day) every time the baby makes a slightest cry. I have NO CLUE why she needs to attribute some blame to me or make a random assumption! My baby is still pooing fine (imo) and I get all riled up by her each time she repeats her ‘mantra’ that I cannot help it but scream back at her. *pulls hair*.

It makes me wonder, would I be better off with a crying baby or a irritating mother (with regards to baby)? Argh. I rather not have both. Could I stuff my baby back into my tummy and head back to work please?

By the way, it is normal that babies pee and poo is starting to smell at week 2 or 3? My room is filled with the pee/poo stench and I am kinda conscious about it.

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