it’s been a tiring weekend. met unpolished_gem at this cute little Miss Clarity Cafe that’s couple of doors down from her office in Purvis st. quite an interesting place and i’m impressed that they have wireless broadband services!

met wenjing and gang at boat quay and we had dinner at newton. mahjong session at david’s place after and a midnight cab home.

Took 3 photos of boat quay while waiting for the gang and i stitched them together to get this..

wakeboarding’s on sat and had a helluva fun. tiring. and for the first time after knowing ant, i FINALLY got to taste the ba chor mee that his parents sell.. yums! i dunno how to describe the place, cos im so directional idiot when it comes to serangoon and hougang.

we had drinks and went for a movie later in the night. the sound of thunder. i was coughing like mad throughout the whole movie, and i couldnt decide after that if i liked the movie. it’s pretty amusing tho.

headed for Grand Prix at Marina Bay on sun. it was hot, muddy, crowded, exciting and boring all at the same time. still, it was an experience for me..especially seeing the powerboat collide and fly into pieces, and then sinking in the water..

spent the rest of the day vegging in wei’s house while he did his project. drifting in and out of sleep and reading my book.

monday started with me spending the whole morning editing the photos and coming up with the collage. rushed off to met pei for lunch at orchard. we had our fav. yami yoghurt. shopped a while at tangs and we parted our ways.

popped by the hospital and i waited for almost 3 hrs. and my turn was skipped. Grr. in my hurry to register, i forgot to leave my appointment card and doc didnt have my case. so, ended up waiting much longer.

unpolished_gem popped me a surprise call when she was at suntec. my fav. blushers are finally hitting the stores again after a year old stockout situation. and she’s so sweet to have helped me buy on the spot. met her in the evening at bugis mos burger to grab the blushers before rushing down to jap class.

it’s such a hectic day and my health isnt getting any better. to make things worse, the day ended with an arguement with wei. sigh. why do all the bad things come together? i dun feel that strong anymore.

if only someone would comfort and hug me now. 🙁