these days, i hardly had the time to seriously sit down and breathe properly. it’s a mad rush everywhere, trying to get work done, coordinating my life, trying to manage everything and clean up my room, do last minute shopping for CNY clothes (ok, dont remind me about the big luggage brimming with shopping items that just arrived yesterday from seattle), and trying to meet all my friends before the new year.

last night, just barely an hr after i got home.. i zipped out of the house, journeying to my grandpa’s place in the middle of the night. in that single hour i was home, i had to unpack the luggage from seattle, sort out some of the stuff, put them in order, threw clothes into a haversack, organise my room a little more and tried to pack some stuff for the trip to batam. that was some rush and inevitably, i forgot some essentials. Towel is one of them. :/

thank god for my sweet uncle, who brought along a dozen of spare towels for everyone to use.

CNY this year would be a quieter affair than usual. one of my cousins will be absent cos he has just started his academic year in the states and can’t be back. kinda miss the times when i was a kid and there was more kids running around. there was more fun and noise…

arriving here at 4.30am, the day thus far was settling down, grabbing a short nap and then going for breakfast gorging at 7+am (from wantan noodles to chicken rice, to chee cheong fan,butter and kaya toast, coupled with iced holicks and teh, and shortly after, my favourite curry noodles). Yum yum. Errr.. am a little worried abt my bulging tummy though (thinks a girl with big tummy in bikinis at batam). urk.

sleepy is me. more updates to come when i am more sane, about the week, who i have met over the last couple of nights and its happenings.

alrighty. need to help pack the house a little and get ready for the reunion dinner.

in the meanwhile, HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR!

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