ok. i can’t believe that im paying for internet connection here in narita airport. it’s 100yen for 10 mins. crazy right? but im bored and i have 3 hours to waste.

arrived safely in narita airport about 20mins ago. slept throughout the flight earlier and garnered a stiff neck in the process. didn’t eat a single thing on the earlier flight cos i was too zonked out to even take notice of what’s going on.

i didn’t even realised the plane landed! that’s how tired i am.

Hmmm.. somehow, i got the feeling that the seconds here is moving faster cos the amount of minutes left on my internet connection is getting lesser and lesser.

alrighty. shall go surf a bit and grab something to eat. i don’t know how to survive the long flight later!

[internet kiosk @ narita airport]

200yen is spent!