just popped into hdb website to find out my registration number for my flat. For those who don’t know, there’s a MobileHDB app on iphone for you to check on your flat application status, any updates and also, the probable completion date if you are like me, waiting for a flat to be ready.

It’s quite a useful/handy app to have, but the only grouse that i have is that i cannot login via singpass and i cannot remember my hdb sales registration no. for nuts! Who would remember it offhand? Still, its useful, so go download it for convenience.

Of cos, it doesn’t affect those who don’t need it at all. LOL.

the last time i blogged about the picture of my flat from hdb was on 31 Jan… and look! how tall it has grown!

not that i don’t know. der & me have been swinging by the area every 2 weeks to check out the progress of the flat. just exciting to see everything being stacked up like lego! and a bird’s eye view from the top.. we always view it from the ground. it’s at level 7 now.. hope to see my unit in a month’s time! i hope i do get the flat much sooner though. can’t wait to have my own humble abode.

ok. back to work.

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