ok. the week ahead is gonna be terrible since i have tonnes of proposals to write, timeline to draw up and complete, dnd stuff coming up and my colleague is on leave till the 25th!

some updates of the past week and mainly pictures from my cammie..

first, on the trip to Kl..

and because fiona’s birthday is coming up next week and she’ll be on leave touring shanghai.. we had a mini celebration with her and the agency girls..

and other stuffs left unsaid on my previous entry..

i had some yummy looking food on friday for lunch..

in case you are wondering.. erm, no. i am not tasting the food for wedding or something.. tho it kinda looks like it. 😛

and then it’s bala with raf and gang! the supposedly dinner date with kenties, i_believe & wwenzz didnt happen since the girls couldn’t make it and i was working till 10pm in the office. despite reeling of fatigue, i wanted to have a drink and chill a bit to relax myself, so i popped down to join raf and his friends. it was so much fun cos i realised raf knew yisheng, whom he introduced as terence. I have a laugh of my life cos looking at yisheng and now knowing that he’s called terence simply tickles me so much. as u can see.. the night is quite crazy even though i was REALLY REALLY tired.

i_believe, check out my hair and my SQ red nails!! 🙂

ok. i feel accomplished that i did up some collages for the week. now, it’s a quick bath (i spent the entire day clearing the room!) and off to dreamland. wish me sweet dreams.