I didn’t think i’ll get flowers this year for vday since I was away in msia and the day coincides with 初一 which makes it harder to buy flowers.

But… I got a bunch of fake flowers instead. He has bought a bunch of fake flowers from ikea and wrapped them up with a silvery giuseppe zanotti shoe bag, sprayed the flowers with his favourite perfume and gave it to me!!

Gotta love the innovation and effort behind the gift and I get reminded of him every time I smell the flowers!!

Oooh.. i heard from agnes that derrick was brewing some surprise plan to send some flowers to the office last friday but then, there were so many changes along the way that he had to gave up whatever he planned!

like how on thursday afternoon, it was announced that we were going to have 1/2 day in the office. and like how at 10am in the morning on friday, the entire team was activated to attend a launch event somewhere and we all had to scramble to get out of the office earlier.

and it seems.. der has a spy amongst my friends/colleagues!

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