I’m out in a pretty frock but my mum commented that i looked like i’m a small girl!

=( i can’t decide if it was meant to be a compliment (i’m young!) or that she was trying to say my frock didn’t suit me at all!

Yelp! I just got a fright and am trying to walk as fast as i can away from this pervert that was walking behind me! Argh!

I was crossing the overhead bridge when someone behind me shouted, “hey!”. I didn’t respond, didn’t think he was calling me! And the following happened!

C: finally turns around thinking i might have dropped something or that he could be one of those neighbour friends…and saw an unrecognisable face belonging to a middle aged man in a white/blue soccer jersey and a cap.!!
P: ni hen mei! *psychotic smile*
C: *frown*
P: compliment! Compliment! Ni de pi gu hen qiao! (you got a perky butt!)
C: turns around and speeds up walking fearing that he might molest me so we are so near!

Damn! Totally freaked me out can? If not for the fact that i was in high heels and still wanted to look glam, i would have smashed my marc jacobs bag into his face and break into a sprint to escape from the pervert!

Wah lau, what an adrenalin pumping moment for a morning. I’m totally awake now!

Well, in case you are wondering, i’m safely in the train now with no sight of the pervert any where near me. Phew!

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