after the trishaw ride, we headed to mount nho to see the christ of vung tau..

my uncles and aunt, all ready to go!

that’s me at the beginning of the climb..

the usual signature jump and statues along the climb.

my brother with the dragonfly that he caught. look at his sweat dripping from the climb! it’s NOT easy for sure!

right at the top..

the magnificent view from the shoulders of the christ statue..

the 4 pictures form an 180 degrees view if you can imagine it.. i only managed to climb onto one shoulder blade of the christ statue. the standing space was pathetically constrained to max 5 skinny people squeezing. 🙁

DID U SEE THE 2 GUYS? they are my uncles!!

i’m weird, because i think climbing all that stairs and sweating like mad under that hot sun is worth it! the view was great, but seriously, my knees were wobbly when i made my way down. 170m vertical climb don’t really feels as easy as i thought it to be!

we promptly moved on to a temple along the coast of vung tau.. where i took the following pictures..

the time spent in vung tau was really short, yet i guess it was the most beautiful part of the entire trip. also the place where i snapped the most pictures..

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