a quick one.

omfg! i almost got a virus from my colleague in the office! she sent me a link to say that my photos is being published on the site.

i looked at the link, saw my nick, the msn address or the like and i was thinking,”hmmm.. did she find my msn groups album online?!”

i clicked on the link, got to a webpage and a pop up windows says RUN or OPEN. the alarm bells went off in my head and i ran into her room and told her she got a virus!

hahhaa. lucky me. but guess what? it inspired me to do the once-in-a-few-months routine of mine to google my own nick. guess what i found?

you can see it from the link here – http://faithanatomy.wikispaces.com/Knee

someone really used my picture!!! but thank god, my nick is mentioned there.. 🙂

in case you are wondering.. yes, that was my knee after my operation for ACL. tore a ligament and thought the sign cuts and that plaster makes it look like a rag doll face..

and i also found this…

and i found my coach bag too!

don’t you think the world of internet is so darn interesting?! my photos are floating everywhere!


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