the past couple of days have been pretty tough. i have a sick kid on my hands and he has been feeling so uncomfortable that sleep is a pain. he caught a virus from his cousins and has been whining/crying in his sleep, struggling with block nose. despite seeing the doc on sat, his nose is still dripping with mucus. every time i think he seems to be on the mend, the dripping starts all over again. there is also throat inflammation and cough and i am totally freaked out because i also have a month old baby in the house. its a really bad time since the husb is away on reservist and i am falling sick myself from fatigue and sleep deprivation. my throat hurts big time so its been madness on the home front.

here’s the sick kid. its really not easy caring for a sick bub. while i have been a little fortunate in the sense that he is still active and still runs about and not whiny all day long. he runs especially fast when i arm myself with a tissue and wants to wipe off his mucus! in the pic above, i had to chase him out of the house to the corridors before i manage to wipe him down. but, having him take any medication is a real nightmare.


i dont know why, but kids hate medication even though they are all sweet syrups!


how do i do it then?


method 1 – force it down.
it took 3 adults – my mom, the husb and me over the weekend to pin the kid down and force the medication into his mouth only to be spitted out. it used to work when jerry is much younger, now.. fat hope. the result is a highly distressed kid, 3 angry adults and a whole lot of mess and stickiness all over – hands, floor, clothes, sofa and everyone ended up with a bath due to the struggling and mess.


method 2 – mix it into his milk.
this doesnt quite work if you have a picky eater on hand or someone who is able to detect the difference in the milk. jerry is one of those and refuses his milk after that. its frustrating because the milk and medication is wasted (milk powder is so expensive!). on top of that, the kid would refuse future milk feeds because he knows there’s something in there.


method 3 – treat him as an adult and feed using a spoon.
i had some degree of success with this. he takes the first 2 mouthful and then rejects everything thereafter. i had to feed him 4 types of medication so this doesnt quite work.


method 4 – pretend play and feed.
this works, but its an equally messy affair. jerry takes a keen interest in the syringes and how they work so he eagerly want to squeeze them out onto the spoon and feed himself with the syrup. i like this method the best because it teaches himself to self feed, familiarize himself with the medication and is taking them willingly which helps to pave the right mentality when he has to take medication in the future. the downside? he doesnt squirt the medication accurately into the spoon and ends up all over his clothes and it also takes a much longer time to get the deed done. he also doesnt like squirting the medication directly into his mouth which could potentially save me a lot of mess.


if only i could nebulize him every single time he needs to take medication, life would be a lot easier. my jerry loves the mask and the gas but i guess there are also a lot of other kids that freaks out big time at the same thing.


so, parents out there.. how do you feed medication to your kids? do you do what i do too or do you have a better suggestion? do share and thanks in advance!