or lum ping ping. like how i liked to call her in the past.

we took a lot of pictures!! but no one sent me anything yet! 🙁

so i only got this to share…

helai, sijie, sijie’s wife, me, fairuz

fairuz helping out in the kitchen!

i feel so old whenever i’m out with this bunch of juniors from the athletics team. because they make me feel so old. every year, we talked about the pioneers (whom i was a part of!). people like weijie, desmond, tong leng, clive, danny etc.

i last saw danny at gotham penthouse at a toshiba event. weijie was when i was hanging out with my senior batch of phs students while i was in SIM. desmond the last i heard was a military police. clive got married but dunno what he is doing. tongleng married my uni classmate (i think!) and don’t know his whereabouts either.

i wonder what they are all doing now.

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