i stepped into vivocity for the first time today, roaming the mall with kenties. i didnt do much, didnt see much either except for this magnificent view that kenties brought me to see..

we spent quite a bit of time in the arcade playing silly games (mostly to enjoy the aircon and stay away from the heat outside) and me laughing my ass off. *starts laughing hysterically again*

we basically talked, drank, talked, ate, talked and walked all over the place. had wanted to catch a movie but i was clad in tiny shorts and a singlet, we reckon i WOULD freeze my butt off. so the idea was off!

that reminds me. he came up with this “God is fair analogy” on me.

God is fair cos..
1. he gave me leser fats in exchange for motion sickness on buses, in cars, in planes and on boats
2. he gave me a kenties friend, so that i would have someone to understand my “fast-paced” speech
3. he gave me a slim built so that i would eat myself broke

well. there were a lot more nonsense, which i cannot remember now.. but as u know.. it’s a whole load of groundless statements between 2 very bored people. but then again, today gave me more insights about kenties.

haha. *evil grins*

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