That’s the present that I bought back for some of my colleagues. I forgot to take a picture of them all before I gave them out..

So, here’s the blackie one that I kept for myself because it was the only one that was in dark skin tone!

Hand made dolls made for the Bali street children. Proceeds of the doll goes to giving the kids education and keeping them off the streets so that they can have the opportunity of leading satisfactory and productive lives.

I didn’t have much cash with me (der only changed s$500 for our entire stay in Bali) so I could only buy for some and not all.

Anyway, I just grabbed a couple of the dolls from those sitting around me for a quick snapshot. =)

Ain’t they cute? And see how blackie stands out amongst the rest. Everyone is asking why there are voodoo dolls in the office, so I always reply – is to voodoo you!

Just a little note to lighten my day. Am struggling to stay awake the entire day. Fight sleep well last night so my lids are v heavy today.

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