Well, it’s been a real chore trying to decide what to wear when I need to dress up and head out.

It’s zachary’s birthday party today and I flopped around like a whale before deciding to get my arse outta the house. The boy couldn’t join me cos he was still stuck in camp and I had to proceed alone (and I did feel a little pathetic lugging that huge-ass present for Zachary all by myself).

Thank goodness it wasn’t too heavy and I could still manage tho barely. And here’s what I managed to put together with the limited wardrobe that I have these days.

But guess what, my jeans button popped out after my first toilet visit and I spent the rest of the day tugging at my jeans constantly. No that anyone could tell and thankfully, my top was long enough to cover.

Had a pleasant afternoon chatting away with Kenties at royal copahagen in taka while waiting for the boy to join us after he managed to get out of camp in the late afternoon.

Simple, pleasant Saturday. Busy day tomorrow! Crazy Christmas and a wedding dinner to attend!

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