My days are characterized by bottle washing these days. A normal day sees me going through 6-8 cycles of it. Some times, I get lazy and let it pile for a while and the above is one such scenario.

Yesterday, I realized that my fingers are starting to peel.. And it is a tad too dry. Ahh.. The perils of over-washing. The price to pay for motherhood.

Someone (Jen) asked me.. Are you enjoying motherhood? How is it different?

Actually, truth is.. No. I don’t quite enjoy motherhood. I don’t see the joy in it (yet). I miss my carefree life, but I can’t deny maternity leave rocks.

I have been quite a miserable slob the past month and more. But lately, i am a lot more cheerful, and much less agitated then I was before. It just dawned on me.. That, it’s because.. I have been heading out quite a bit. It somehow, liberates me.

I dont focus so much on the difference between my mum and me. I even close my eyes on certain stuff and ignore it, refusing it to get to me. Instead, I focus on what I wanna do, where to go, who to head out with..

Happiness. And it makes life so much easier. But, I think I need a holiday.. Let me find the funds first..

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