i finally loaded in some of the long overdue pictures into my computer after the longest time.

and so, here’s some snap shots of the “happening” bits of my life. realised that i haven’t been posting a lot of pictures these days.. which is so much different from what my blog used to be like.

anyway, too lazy to make collages.. so just some short liners!

the team after our massage! Oops! 2 went missing cos they were downstairs waiting!

jen with the present she bought for me! 😛

me getting the present!

the pizza hut babes. 😛

soo leng and me, pushed into this “musical chairs” drinking competition game

dee dee doing her “water parade” for beer in less than 5 seconds..

oh no! what’s in my cup?!

the team chilling out at ben and jerrys for our department christmas gathering after the singpost event as well as celebration of wendy and tayjie winning a TV and camera respectively from the event!

the greedy babes with our ice cream feast

the crazy trio and me.. “drunk”!

the rest of the photos here.

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