i just busted more moolah today. after the coach buys the other day.. look what damage i did to myself today…

do you think the Carly looks good in blue? i couldn’t decide between the blue and the brown.. and decided to get the blue one cos it’s less readily available..(i could always go back and have it changed before i fly outta the country!) opinions please!

anyway, i feel so much like a bimbo posting this.. my aunt say i should just buy shares in Coach. *roll eyes*

with me being sickie, i didnt have the time to do any photo updates.. and i’m now into packing my luggage cos i’m leaving for the airport in about 24 hours from now and flying to chicago. gosh, time flies huh!!

armed with a map, i roamed downtown seattle today. no, i don’t really need a map.. but who knows, it might come in handy right?! even though it was left in my jacket pocket the whole time. :/

i saw Furla on sale and immediately thought of lilsnooze and ooyee.. 🙂 bought some gifts for a couple of friends from here. and then.. i walked on and i saw these..

i think wendy would very much like to be here!! i roamed on.. and found this little shop..

i’ll like to think moomeh would be very glad. 🙂

and so, the story went on about this crazy girl, roaming around downtown seattle, shopping for 6 freaking hours, walking around on her 2 little feet, and lugging bags from Furla, Old Navy, Macy’s, Coach and what’s nots.. her arms and shoulders are aching from the load as she types this entry out.

of cos, a tangerine frauppacino from starbucks helped cheer her a little, but freezed her little hands (A LOT) in the cold.

more detailed updates to come if i have the time to blog. limited internet access in chicago, so you wont be seeing me online or reading about my adventures… it’s time for bed! 3.20am here!

Good nite pals!

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