i have to admit, despite being so busy/occupied and having a million things on my to-do list before jetting off in about 36 hours..

i miss the boy! i suddenly had this flash back of the cheeky boy with his tongue sticking out image (long time back) and it puts a smile on my face. the passersby that walked past me earlier must have thought im mad, because i suddenly break into a smile mid-walk on the way back to my cube.

had dinner with an old friend (jeremy) yesterday and it was good seeing a familiar face. i think i missed dinners like that lately, and i really should be doing this more with my friends than to be a work hermit (coming out only for work). i guess it does great to my mental being, much as i hate to admit it.

and oh!!! i didn’t KNOW he reads my blog! haha.

jerm, thanks for great dinner and you are really quite a jem (gem)! Read something this morning and I have decided to dedicate it to you on my blog!

wwenzz blog]

Quoting Jason Mraz’s journal titled “To Wednesday, With Love”.

I smoked for 10 years so I know how much fear and insecurity is wrapped up in it. I also know how scary it is when you think about quitting. You might think life is gonna suck, that you’ll gain weight, or be depressed. But the fact is, if you keep smoking, you will always be out of shape and depression will be more common. To get a similar buzz, you may as well put your lips around an exhaust pipe.

To not smoke means you care about what goes into your body, thus strengthening your level of consciousness. The less toxins in your body means the less toxic thoughts you’re likely to have. Ignorance may be bliss, but it is also unattractive.

Some people say they smoke because of boredom. Some people smoke because it keeps them awake and gives them a recharge. Some people smoke to help them relax. A cigarette isn’t a miracle performance enhancer. It’s you who chooses boredom, to be awake or to relax. A sunset will still be beautiful without a cigarette to mark the occasion. A movie is still the same movie even if you don’t smoke after it. The drive to work is still the drive to work. Why add poison to the process? And after sex? Spare me. I wouldn’t even date a smoker.

i can so relate this to the things u told me last night, but oh wells. I just hope you’ll find the reason soon because i do care for your health!

and yup, wanted to pack in another round of drinks with agnes but had to cancel because i was yawning away and the empty luggage was nagging at the back of my mind. and so, we quickly zipped home.

i launched into a busy women, bathed, selecting and pulling out my work gear (i have an event on today), googled on more information on south africa, packed half my luggage, sent all my gadgets into charging mode (dslr, nds, panasonic cammie), draw up a to-do list for tonight, surfed facebook and tended my ‘plants’ before plonking myself down at 12.30am to read my bridal magazines.

they are so long overdue and i told der that i’ll skimp through and tag all the relevant, interesting, pretty stuff for his reference so that he can go through them when i am not around.

i only managed to speedread 3/4 of the thick mag before my eyes gave up and i really really had to sleep. and that’s just 1 out of the 6 magazines that I have at home. 🙂

and that, is my busy wednesday. i guess tonight will be vaguely similar.

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