couple of days ago, i had an ‘accident’ at work. I wasn’t paying attention to my surroundings and wasn’t watching where I was going.


the next thing I knew, I felt a super sharp pain in my lower abdomen and I let out a scream. there was a loud bang/crash and a lot of my colleagues stood up from their seats to see what happened and started fussing over me. well.. I banged my stomach into a sharp edge of a table in the office that was placed there temporarily and I couldn’t.stand.up. thereafter.


when I finally did.. tears flowed down my face involuntarily while I struggled to tell people what happened.


clumsy me. probably the most clumsy pregnant woman around.


but it really hurts big time, and I was really quite worried about the impact. the site of injury was so painful at the slightest touch so I quickly left the office (it was way past knock off time) and headed home while calling up my gynecologist..I felt the baby move/kick right after the crash, but there was nothing the entire journey home. 


needless to say, i was freaking out. that night, I landed up in the hospital, strapped to the ctg machine for an hour to monitor the fetal heart beat. I was soooooo relieved when I heard the familiar pok-pok sound from the machine. so, I have a long red scar from the crash and a really nasty bruise that still hurts when I gently run my fingers over. my gynae turned up to check on me.. and told’ll give birth next week.




I wasn’t expecting that. turns out, I am already 2cm dilated, and he is guessing that i may not even make it to my next gynae appt on wednesday. i was cleared to go home thereafter since I wasn’t having regular contractions. in the same labour ward,  the lady beside me was waiting to deliver her baby and she is only 1cm dilated and the husband thinks it’s really funny that I get to go home while she stays around.


so, I headed back to work the next day, tried to clear up my work and prepped my handover and broke the news to my boss that I’ll be delivering soon and likely wont be coming into the office the following week, situation dependent. I can’t bear having to have my waters break in the office.


the husband,  on the other hand.. thinks it’s quite a good idea because there are so many people in the office who could help if anything happens.. especially if he is at work since he works in our neighbouring country instead. I’m not buying his train of thoughts. I definitely want to bathe before I bomb. ya, I got my priorities right.


meanwhile, for the past few nights, I have been suffering dull cramps in my tummy, a little like menstrual cramps so I have been resting on the bed and in the husband’s words.. rotting away. 


I am beginning to think he is not a very nice husband. HAHA! joking.


so the wait begins. I am staying close to my hospital bag now and insist the husband brings it along even when we are out running (last minute) errands. it’s quite scary because.. I really don’t know when the labour will start.


I can only twiddle my thumbs and lie around to rest (and blog) and wait.


getting really anxious.