This week’s update is late, mainly because I wanted to capture the gynae’s visit and updates here as well, which happened yesterday.

Well, well.. Almost at the end!

I could feel it physically, literally. The usual swim session on Sunday didn’t happen last weekend. The boy refused to let me go as I was suffering from pelvic pain (feels like the bone is mis-aligned) and I could hardly raise my left leg at all. Walking is a pain with every single step and I cannot put any pressure without feeling the pain.. So instead of waddling like most preggie women do, I waddle with a limp. It’s quite a sight and I feel like an old lady! the inner side of my thighs also burns and I wonder if some sort of inflammation is going on.. the gynae says the baby is probably pressing down and causing the pain, so I’m given mc to rest it till I go into labour, much to the joy of the boy since he has been asking me if there’s anything he could do to help me ease the pain seeing how much I struggle with it everyday.

The tummy hasn’t grown much, it’s still measuring at 41.5″ at the moment but it has dropped lower so much that I have difficulty crossing my legs when I sit. I am also having difficulty sitting up straight because my tummy feels squished with my thighs. I have to lean back to allow some space for the tummy but it’s making my back ache like mad with the additional weight to support in that weird position.

The pimples are also going on an overdrive! I never had so much pimples in my life! On my t-zones, arms, back of neck, ears, thighs, tummy and also around my chest, leaving a lot of red angry scars/dots all over (somehow, they don’t go away) and it’s making me a tad depressed because it’s quite unsightly. Doesn’t help that the pimple cream is outta bounds for a preggie. Boo. =(

For the last couple of weeks, I have also graduated from all my clothes that I wear at home to wearing my brother’s xxl tees! My tees are all too short/tiny to contain my big tummy and neither can I fit into der’s since his tshirt size is only one size bigger than mine. Thank goodness my brother’s quite huge so his tees are giving me a lot of comfort at home.

Nauseousness. My major hate. I have been vomiting non stop for the last couple of days. Loads and loads of gastric bile make their way up my throat and I throw up so much, it’s quite scary! I still try to eat some light meals, but most of the time.. I wished I was dead. There was one morning where I vomited and ended up with a nosebleed at 5am in the morning. Argh. I rested and still went to work despite feeling like crap and not being able to swallow anything the whole day (vomited a few more times). When I do try to take something, they end up in the toilet bowl (again!). I read somewhere that nearing the end of the pregnancy, nauseousness is common so I should be glad that it’s all going to be over soon?

I could feel the tension in my legs more often these days. The hamstrings are very very tight and they threaten to cramp all the time, and it’s happening more often than not. Having breezed though the earlier stages of pregnancy without much cramps at all, the last week saw me waking up to straighten up my leg cramps (by myself while the boy sleeps!) a lot more often. I think it happened every night in the last few days! Usually, I could feel them on the verge of cramping since I’m quite a light sleeper so I quickly straighten it out with the help of my other leg while still in bed. There are times where the other leg starts to cramp with the pressure exerted to assist the cramping leg and I had to jump outta bed to straighten them up and lean forward against a wall. ouch. I think the blood isn’t traveling that well anymore with all that pelvic pressure hence the intensity and frequency of leg cramps.

Water retention wise, I’m still good. Toes and fingers still looking good and normal except that there was one day where I didn’t drink much water and feel asleep with my wedding band still on my finger. I woke to swollen fingers and almost freaked out cos I couldn’t remove my rings at all. Well, it’s nothing a water parade can’t fix, so it was back to normal just under an hour.. Helps that I’m quite the water guzzler and could literally feel the effects moments after I drink the water.

And for the permanent damage! *SCREAMS*
Stretched marks!!!!!!!! I get these little red scars underneath my belly and for a while now and I wondered if they were caused by me scratching the tummy unconsciously while asleep. And since I can’t see them directly, they didn’t quite bother me till i got a lot more of them lately and asked the boy to check it out.. Looks like I can’t escape the fate of stretch marks as well, and I’m disgusted because mine appeared to be some angry short fat strips (looks more like scars than anything) while the usual stretch marks should have been long silvery white strips that are barely noticeable. I hope they go away or at least lighten post delivery.. If not, I won’t dare to wear my bikinis anymore!

Other symptoms include sore breasts and nipples, difficulty on sleeping.. I toss around quite a bit and these days and I do wake the boy sometimes with all my tossing. Oops. But it does feel really comforting when the boy is aware of my pain. Last night, he put an arm around my tummy, gave it a few light pats and asked in the dark.. Are you ok? Do you want the bolster to give you more comfort? Makes me feel all that pain is worth it (for that brief moment) and all is forgotten when the pain is being reminded as I tried to turn/toss in bed. Yes, the pelvic hurts in whichever position I’m in and I hardly can sleep through it. I usually play some games or read up stuff to distract myself on my phone to get my eyes tired so that I can fall back into sleep again. sometimes, it’s successful, other times, I stay awake for hours and hours and I’m amazed at the hour people are awake! I get tweets and game replies like 5am in the mornings! Lol.

Jerry’s been hiccuping non stop everyday, a few times a day. While it’s been rather annoying (feel your tummy jerk involuntarily), I guess its pretty reassuring that he is growing well!

I lost some weight in the last week! My weight dropped to 61.8kg from 62.1kg (last week’s) and I think it attributed by all that puking. The good news it… Jerry is now 2.8kg! Whee! I never knew I could ever be happier with weight gain (not on me of cos). Der is banning me from durians now (I ate twice in the last week) because he doesnt want to have a big baby and have me go through cesarean to delivery. Weird boy.

And so, now.. I sit and wait. Lying on the bed is so so bored. The house is so quiet too and mum is resting on her own bed, still recovering from her spinal surgery. It’s been well, but still hurts occasionally. Will probably take a few more months to heal.. So meanwhile, 2 bed-bound ‘patients’ at home. I wish the boy is here to accompany me, or that Jerry quickly pops out to put me outta misery.

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