Popped by the gynae again this morning and was a little disappointed. In the past, I look forward to the gynae visits so that I can see Jerry on the ultrasound machine. These days, I look forward to the visits hoping that the doc will say.. Oh, you should admit into hospital for delivery. Of cos, that didn’t happen which explains my disappointment. Haha.

Baby’s weighing 2.9kg today, just 100grams heavier than last week..Seems a little small! Is it the fact that I stopped taking the multivits and fish oil? Somehow, they spoil my appetite and I usually end up vomiting on the days I do remember to take them so I decided to make myself feel better and go without them. And I lost 300grams in weight. Hmmm., weird right? Is it because I didn’t wear my bretling watch today which causes a reduction in a wee bit of weight? Of cos it does not make any sense because my bretling only weighs 112grams (I just checked!). Maybe I’m just too stressed about the pain, boredom and when the baby is going to pop.. Or maybe how I am going to cope when the baby pop.

Maybe Jerry can sense that I’m kinda bewildered by the fact that I could turn into a mother any day now (now I know it’s fat hope) and is staying in his snug little bubble giving more time to prep.

In the past week, the tummy has shifted lower, I could feel the pressure on the pelvic when I walk, feel random contractions (or so I think they are – menstrual like cramps but v mild ones), and my tummy sometimes feel a dull ache, kinda like a tummy upset feeling. The pelvic pains has worsen, I have this sudden urge to prep everything (is this nesting instinct) and I gave my room another wipe down yesterday and mopped the place). The stretch marks have increased in qty (why so last minute?!) and made me fret over my scarred tummy. The angry red strips has also turned darker into brownish tones and I feel a slight tingling pain when I run my fingers over them. Sadness. To help myself cope during this ‘rest period’, I set up to-do list everyday to keep myself occupied. Today’s task was to bake blueberry muffins. Will share that in another post.. I could smell the delicious smell of the muffins wafting through the room right this moment.

And so, despite everything being ready.. I even got the husband to pack his hospital bag (he went.. Huh?! Why I also need to pack?! Thought you are the one that needs to, not me!) just so he doesn’t have to run around the island to get changes of clothes and can stay by my side 24/7 in the hospital ward, my baby’s not ready to pop. The vagina inspection turned up nothing. The cervix is still shut tight and at ZERO dilation. Doc says its ‘uncooked’ still. Boo. By next week, if the situation does not improve, I would have to go for induction (i don’t want because I really wanted to go through the natural process of labour) and doc also warned that if the induction doesn’t work (no dilation), I will have to go through c-sect (*screams*) to get the baby out. Triple Boo.

Now you know why I’m upset. Well, the doc’s prescription made me laugh – have more sex please. At least 2-3 times a day! everyday!

Sigh. I am making myself walk a lot today because I heard walking helps. And I am also going to attempt to head out for dinner just so I get to walk more.

I also went to google and read that on a emotional level, I should try imagining the birthing process so that I could send ‘signals’ to the baby to kick start the labour. Relaxation is another method, or meditate. I should chant “come out jerry, come out jerry” for the next 7 days.

Papaya, pineapples and kiwi fruits help too. I am soooooo gonna eat loads of it within the next few days.

All hope is not lost. I still got another 7 days to go, and Jerry, would you be a darling and pop out soon?

Ok. Gotta get ready to pop put for dinner and gawd, why did it have to rain NOW?! Grr.

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