Last weekend saw us spending quite a bit of time at the hospital..

Oh. On the health front, I finally got der to check out his neck with an orthopedic. Helps that I was familiar with it since I tore my ligament some 6 years back and I set an appointment for him. He saw the doc once 2 weeks ago, got a MRI scan done and last weekend, we reviewed the scan with the doc. Planned it in conjunction with all our antenatal class so it was perfect. The scan results did show that he had a slightly worn out disc in his neck that’s probably causing the pain for the past few years.. Am just glad that we found out the root of the problem and though there isn’t a need for an operation at this point in time, he can be more mindful of the activities that he do on a daily basis to prevent aggravating it. So no ball, racket activities and no more Chinese sinseh and neck cracking. He is scheduled to go for physiotherapy and I hope his condition does get better. Pains me to see him in pain every morning when he wakes up or come back home tired with a painful neck.

We also attended our last antenatal class. Yay! I think I was really happy because it meant more free time during the weekends and no more boring talks that puts me to sleep. I can’t even remember that particular parentcraft nurse’s name else I’ll suggest you to sign up with someone else. I just have a thing against her.. The nurse in the class after my session don’t seemed that boring but I can’t really tell since I didn’t sit in her class.

We spent our afternoon in the belt of orchard and I almost died when I took the CK Tangs-Isetan scotts underpass! There’s a taiwan food fest there last weekend and the 臭豆腐 stink up the entire place! I swear I still could smell it when I was at marks and spencer across over at wheelock. Then again, I think it’s already quite controlled because they had the smell contained in a plastic pipe that sent the fumes elsewhere but the smell is really overpowering and I almost vomited. That said, if you never tried it before.. I recommend you to because it’s actually quite crispy and yummy. I just cannot stand the smell, maybe more so now cos I am preggers. It wasn’t so bad for me when I was in Taiwan with the boy!

It was also a day of self pampering. Popped by strip and got yet another package.. My god, they are fleecing me of my money for ipl but can’t help it that I’m a sucker..and also got my brows trimmed. Feeling good!

By the way, I always love those spunky quotes & tag lines in the rooms. Keeps me occupied reading them.

Yummy yoghurt as snack. I refused to share one with the boy so we had one each. Also had a plate of bee hoon and fei shiong fish cake even though I ain’t hungry.

Did some light shopping and oh, mummies out there.. Any idea how many nursing bras I would need? Just want an estimate and make sure that I ain’t over buying.

Dinner at Bakerzin!

Caesar salad and my lychee iced tea.

Bruchettas.. For me!

The boy’s vongole. Not that yummy, by the way. Not sure if it’s the last plate available for something.

And I just HAD TO complain. You know, having come from the f&b industry previously, I was sorely disappointed with their level of service, especially at a place like paragon. Yes, the desserts are nice, there’s a wide range of food choices, I love their menus even (super well done, a touch of personalization with staff’s contribution and the owner’s comments and inputs, very nice food shots and food styling done there), but there is nothing bad service can’t kill.

I ordered the vongole and specifically requested for the pasta to be changed from linguine to spaghetti. It was served with linguine despite the fact that i reiterated when and the server repeated the order and because I know it’s the last plate available, I decided no point kicking up a fuss since they can’t give me a new plate. I ordered my tea but requested for 2 glasses of iced water TWICE, but it didn’t come till I asked for it the 3rd time. And when it finally came, I was only given ONE glass. The staff weren’t attentive, it was hard to catch their attention, my glasses were refilled promptly and knowing how much a water guzzler I am.. I was so sore throughout the meal. Truly, I wasn’t the only one complaining because I checked into foursquare and all reviews had comments on the bad service. I hope they buck up soon because it’ll be a long long time before I will want to pop back there again.

The usual swim time on Sunday. Weather was lovely and I’m sure you read about my happy toes.

I was also playing quite a fool in the pool with my iPhone.. Though being really cautious of dropping it. I upped the laps I did. Clocked in 26 though I wanted to do 30.. Was feeling really good but decided that I was chalking up too many ugly tan lines.

Does it feels like Bali? I threw the flowers in the pool to take this pictures. They dropped from the trees by the poolside and it was lovely!

By the poolside.. They emit a very mild fragrance and reminds me of my vacation in Bali. Oh, I so wanna jet off again but I guess I need to put my traveling wanderlust aside for a while. A long while if I may mention.

See the lazy boy there? The deck chair is like his playground while the water is mine.

Trying to be cheeky and playing with my phone camera apps.

Meet the tummy. Or Jerry. Whichever you prefer. The boy thinks it’s quite compact and small. Well, found out today the baby is small, that’s why!

And I just lazed the rest of the weekend away with some packing of stuff/room and a nap while the boy went off for a hair cut!

Oooh.. You know. If there’s ONE thing that I would miss while on confinement, it would be my weekly toilet scrubbing routine. There’s just something about cleaning toilet for me that brings on an immense sense of achievement, and as I was doing it last weekend.. I wondered who’s gonna help me maintain my toilet while I won’t be able to do it. And errmm, I’m quite an anal freak when it comes to that so I think I will be screaming my head off at der because the last time he attempted to help me, he didn’t meet my standards. I just love clean toilets.

Just so how many more weekends do I have to gallivant before I pop? Am looking forward to this weekend.. 881 play at the esplanade and a photo shoot in the pipeline. Exciting!

Now, would the weekend come soon?! Please?

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