this morning, i struggled to wake and decided to snooze in longer. i had a late night trying to mug for my jap dictation and ended up in dreamland before i finished, and of cos, the homework’s left undone. i’m trying to see if i can secretly do my work later in the office.

back to my dreams. it’s just really weird.

i was in a classroom this time and the teacher was teaching something in chinese. it’s the secondary school kinda setting, and my athletics teacher Ms Lum is seated beside me in the class, attending the class together. we were reading a story and i was asked to answer some questions. weird enough, i have already prepared the answers before hand, and was reading it off…

the teacher conducting the class (i dont remember who it was) said it was a good answer.. but someone at the back of the class rebutted my answer and said it was flawed. now this someone was someone special. i have a huge crush on him back in the sec school days. let’s call him M. now i was really sad that M came across with a hard tone, substantiating with facts from the story.. and of cos, he’s right and i was wrong. i really felt this ache in my heart, even though i was asleep. it felt so real..

it was then at time, there were people walking outside the class. 3 guys, but dressed as ladies with weird, loud & colorful clothing, with elaborate trinkets and jewellery, each holding a dog. one of which is a poodle.. the rest, i dont know the breed. they came to pei, who was sitting just beside ms lum and asked for someone. we dont know who they were talking abt, but the stench from the dogs was getting to me. they smell like they havent bathe for weeks. and it was so strong. we were actually in a classroom! to have strangers appearing is already weird.. and the dogs!

well, the rattling bangs on my door and my mum’s shouting ended it all. i never found out what’s next cos it’s friggin 8am in the morning and i have to work at 8.30am! shucks.

it’s isnt the first time i dreamt of that 3 ladies with the dogs, and i dont remember seeing them in real life before. why are they appearing again? does anyone knows how to read dreams?

anyway, im just blogging it here for memory.