im experiencing a super weird phenomenon. i tried sending smses out, but each and single one of them failed and kept themselves in my outbox, waiting to be sent out.

WHY LIKE THAT? i wanted to send msgs to wei. 🙁

i just got home. yes, at 1.40am in the morning. on a weekday. ant mysteriously appear beneath my block earlier at 11+. he msged me and asked if i was asleep. i wasnt. asked if i wanted to meet up for a while cos he was somewhere near my house. i said i didnt mind, but for a short while only. and the next msg shocked me. then come down now..

i peered out of the window. there he is, standing right in the middle of the basketball court. 🙂

and so, i thought what happened. he was in the area seeking out a buyer for his bike and thought of asking me out for a drink. simple as that. 🙂 good old ant, so nice to have thought abt me.

couple of days back, lilsnooze asked if i was at spotlight on sunday. told me her sister spotted me there, and came home to tell her about it. im kinda overwhelmed hearing abt it. i just didnt think people would recognise me, from all the stuff that i wrote and the pictures that i put up. i mean i read blogs of people i dont know. i kinda yearn to see a couple of them, but never spotted any bloggers that i read abt myself. i wonder how it feels like. to spot a blogger that i know all about their life.

and im gonna meet 2 bloggers tomorrow. 3 in fact, but 2 of which i dont know personally. i wonder how it will be. it’s drawing near, yet it seems pretty far off still. it’s really time to tuck in bed.