dear ant,

this is a note dedicated to you. i just want to say, i am extremely glad that you are back in my life and we are once again in contact. for the months you were gone, i was worried that you might have met an accident of some kind.. or ran into problems.. but as time grew and knowing that you have deliberately refused to answer my calls..

i guessed i sorta knew the reason why. but it’s ok. i’m just extremely glad that you are back. and i’m glad for believing in you, and not giving you up. and no, i have no dalai mala name card for you..and i am no saint either. but you’ll be sure you’ll always find the friend you once had in me. forever. i will always be the same girl you met and know for the so many years between us. no matter what happens, you will always be the same old little ant in my small little heart..

you are…
the guy who heard my endless rants..
the one who had tried to cheer me up at every attempt..
the one who bought me mac breakfast in school when i said i was hungry..
the one who saw me through my ups and my downs and silently stayed by my side..
the one who appeared beneath my block with my favourite swatch watch on the stroke of midnight on my 18th birthday..
the guy who called me on the satellite phone from Iraq in the middle of the night..
the guy who played snooker with me endlessly when i love the game so much..
the guy who risked repeating his paper while studying with me at the airport..
the guy who saw me through my tomboyish days to the now still-not-so-dainty girl that i am..
the guy who took so many of my punches and slaps on the back..
the guy who knew i was the kind to ride a scrambler if i ever rode a bike..
the guy who knew so much of my dear dear secrets.. and so much more that’s between us.

whatever i say here, it’s never sufficient enough to cover the stuff between us.. and well, i hope you get the gist.

i’m telling you, nothing can ever break the friendship between us.. or even taint it in any way. so, don’t ever run away, ever again. there’s nothing that you can’t tell me. i promise, i’ll be the friend i’ll always be. forever. even if it means, being a silent friend.

you’ll always be on my mind. and nothing would ever, ever, change that.

now, you better drill that into your little ant brain and i’m waiting for the many dinner treats from you to get me through the month. 🙂

lotsa love always,
hui 🙂

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