Just a quick shout out on what derrie is up to today. I spent a few hours today searching and downloading Photoshop brushes and did up this! Am mightly proud of myself even though it’s really a simple card. At least finally I did something personalized for the wedding.

Since not many people will be invited to the solemnization, I thought I’ll just share these here.

For those friends who have been invited, let me know if you are keen to attend the solemnization too!

I’ll swear it’ll be interesting cos I’ll be turning up in a different gown. I do feel like it’s turning into a fashion show parade, but I wanted the pictures to look quite different. I guess there’s only one such time in a lifetime.


Okie. Back to being the little elf and hand-cutting the invites. The other elf (Der) is currently bustling and fretting over the airlines booking, hotels and train transfers.

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