i had a painful long weekend. as i sit on the 50 year old sofa at my grandpa’s place in renggam, i am wondering how much more “torture” i have to endure before heading back to singapore.

don’t get me wrong. being here isn’t a torture and it was a choice that i made. it’s just that i am battling with this pain somewhere in my torso that hurts badly with every single movement i make and every breath i take.

it started with a strain in my back, and i thought it was just a backache or a strain while i did my exercises.. but it just developed into something more and more painful as time goes by.

i could still walk and eat last night, while i was happily skipping around in tebrau city, making my pilgrimage to nandos for dinner. of cos, i managed to convinced everyone to go, and detour to eat my favourite lok lok before we head back to grandpa’s place. i was so fine, i thought it would just get better while i sleep it off.

i spent the entire night yesterday awake and tossing in bed, groaning in pain. every position i tried to lie in hurts. i couln’t really turn my body, i couldnt pull myself up either. this morning, when we headed out for breakfast, every bump in the car garnered some sort of reaction from me. i was walking with bend back, ouching in pain while i take every step. der looked so helpless and he say i looked so sick and walked like an old lady.

when i swallowed the first mouthful of food, the pain intensified and i could feel contractions somewhere in there, with the pain ripping me apart.

my usual favourite food didnt make me feel better.. i managed to grab an hour of interrupted winks earlier and i’m just waiting for gor and mum to say, ok, time to head home.

but i think apparently that is not going to happen soon cos zee yee just arrived. they are so busy catching up downstairs now, while i am here trying to control my breathing to quell the pain. the tired boy is in dreamland at the moment. poor him, didn’t sleep well last night either with all my turning and tossing.

i can’t wait to go see a doc the moment i step foot in singapore later. quick quick. the pain is horrible. even for someone with a high threshold of pain.

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