this week has been a really busy week, with tight time lines and everything happening at the same time. things can only get madder in time to come.

Seriously. among all the madness that i foresee coming, the question on my mind is.. do I have the time to manage everything at the same time? be it personal, work, or time for self? i think it’s gonna be a bad few months leading up to september. in between, i hope i am able to take time off work to run the errands that i need to run. am keeping my fingers crossed.

and my god, it’s FRIDAY already and officially 45 mins away from knock off time. i spent the week with late nights in the office and crashing into bed the moment i step out of the bathroom when i get home. sometimes, i sit/stand in the train and ponder – where’s the joy in a life like that?

anyway, i digress. i had meant to blog about my last sunday. i had dim sum breakfast with mum and bro and seriously, both der and me were eating with our eyes closed because we were just too tired! we also bought a can of paint for his room, so that in the future.. i don’t have to face 4 white walls in the room.

we finally did the dentist trip after breakfast and had my teeth cleaned. but, they are not very dirty to begin with and i felt that my money was not well worth because all i spent on the dentist’s chair was 15 mins (prolonged with me asking him some random questions about my teeth). der took 45mins and i think his money was well spent! well, i spent that 45 mins shopping at m)phosis. it’s sale time! snagged 7 items and i think it’s totally worth the moolah. retail therapy always works! total damage? $120+

here’s my buys.

2 dresses, 1 romper and 3 tank tops.

and a pair of slippers for the office.

urgh. i kinda regretted buying the slippers because i just have so many pairs of flip flops, slippers and what nots. but my pretty pair died in the office and i don’t really dare to wear my havaianas all over the office except to the toilet.

the afternoon of sun was spent with a measuring tape and my iphone in hand, roaming ikea and dreaming up my future room, measuring all the possible pieces to fit into the room and trying to be innovative with the little space that we have.

bought both der and myself a bed tray (for our laptops), and quilt covers for my bed and his mum’s bed (it’s only freaking $9 for queen size!), and some glasses for me to use in his house cos their cups are too small (only one gulp of water), and totally too small and troublesome (pouring more water) for the water guzzler me. we fooled around with der taking a vase as a big glass and treated ourselves to some hot dog buns. the greedy boy had 2 of them at one go!

think that is all? Nope, der racked up a slight fever in the evening and i had to spend time nursing him and getting him to grab some sleep while i entertained myself silly by playing games on my iphone. had dinner at his place and ended the night with another 1 round of mahjong.

totally fulfilling and interesting, albeit tiring. the upcoming weekends are gonna be so so packed.

tonight, it’s gonna be a virgin trip with my colleagues to our neighbour for lok lok! i can’t wait for 10pm to come before we embark on our journey! so now, i shall spent the next 3 hrs immersed with work!

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