new york…


new york hotel in jb i meant.

where the view spans into nothingness.

with a funeral to attend and uncle and grandpa in JB, bro & me booked 2 hotel rooms to “facilitate” our stay. the only sad thing is that, we didn’t really have much chance to enjoy the hotel, coming back close to midnight every day and heading out at 8am.

my aching bones are collapsing into shambles.

so much so, i had to crawl back into bed at 11am today to grab an hr nap before we are due to check out.

i guess funerals are mentally draining events.

i’m glad that mum enjoys the view (even if it’s for some short moments – she was out earlier and back later than me!). it makes me think the money is well spent. and here’s the night scene.

beautiful, innit? i wish i could just sit there for an hr, sipping wine and just chilling. (dropping a BIG hint to der). wahaha.

and oh! this is how the room looks like..

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