i have a lot of pent up frustrations when it comes to work. after complaining alot these days, i find myself becoming a very sore person. it’s scary with the realization that the anger manifest itself in me, and in turn makes me a very unhappy person.

i need to clear all my thoughts. my frustrations. in order to be able to contribute further.

was talking to brandon after our movie last nite. i guess everyone goes through the same shit everywhere else. shannon drove me home after our quarterly class gathering earlier on and told me about the 3Ps that he teaches his student.

Punctuality. Professionalism. err.. forgot the 3rd one. Perseverance? seriously can’t recall.

Hmmm.. some things to ponder about when i head for bed tonight.

on a side note, Mr. Bean’s Holiday is hilarious. a silly but good de-stressing movie if you just want the laughs. it was quite appropriate for me last night.

now, i need to get some work done. the deadlines at work are looming!

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