i came home with the intention to go on a blog roll with many happy entries and got triggered by something else, so i have a really unhappy thing to blog about to. anyway, i’ll start with the happy ones!

i thought today is a perfect day of work-life balance, because i got work done as usual, hanged out with my favourite babe for laughters and angry exchanges about our day-to-day life, came home and did domestic stuff, and i still had the time to leisurely sit in front of the computer to surf, upload pictures and blog.

perfect. the most perfect part was satisfying my cravings for scones with the best candidate. although it was a short 1.5 hr meeting. it’s funny how we are so part and yet, whenever we get together, there is just so many things to talk about, or rant.


of cos. not forgetting comfort food. wahaha.

that’s my selfish pasta (yes, i didn’t spell it wrong) filled with mussels, half a lobster tail and pesto sauce, and jen’s curry chicken with papadam and rice.

yummmy. i was referring to the scones that i had. finally sink my teeth into one of those after all the cravings i had since last week.

so yeah, i am a happy girl today. 🙂

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