there was an article in the papers today about work-life balance. i just stepped home 10 mins ago.

i feel so unbalanced. especially when i lugged my laptop home, was banging emails in the car, brought it to the coffee shop and banging away while der went to order food. all thanks to maxmobile that i get to surf on the go!

was the last to leave but i scrambled when the last colleague told me she’s leaving. ran around to check and there was REALLY no one, so i left together with her.

no, i am not staying after that incident some weeks back. the whole office’s talking about it. did i blog about it?

i didn’t have a choice to shelve my work because i had to approve FAs by tonight, and everyone’s literally standing by to wait for emails to pop in. it’s not yet done.. so i’m still standing by my laptop now.

anyway, i just hope things get better in time to come. *breathes*

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