wow.. it’s 3am. not realising it as i sit here chatting away on msn. im hot, hungry and tired. thank god there’s no more jap class tomorrow night. wonder when my classes will start again.

anyway, the weekend is gone again. another work week ahead that i dread. spent sat afternoon in the pool for at least 3hrs. gliding in the water with vanessa as companion. the rest are just soaking. hee.

dinner’s at heeren’s lemongrass. it’s wei’s mum’s birthday. i was late. 1.5hr late. i got home after the swim and took a rest on my bed reading something. the next thing i know. it’s 8pm when i woke. gosh! rushed there on the train. day dreamt and missed the stop i was to alight. how clever! met yee tat at the train station. hee..

anyway, here’s the pictures.

time for bed. ciao!