the last 2 days is hectic. everything is a rush rush rush. more details in a locked post, if i ever have the time to write.

i just poured through 140+ entries to catch up on what i have missed. took me hours!

im mentally strained and physically very tired.

i cant remember what are the many things that i want to blog about.

im now in a “camp”.. hee hee.

sakae dinner with mich and jon just now. i enjoyed the dinner cos it took my mind off many many things.

interview in the evening earlier. 3rd interview with the same co, but now, for another division.

missed my physio sesh this morning cos i was so so tired. abt 5 hours of sleep for the last 2 nights is maddness!

doc’s appointment in the afternoon. after 3 weeks, the doc doesnt seemed so caring anymore. 🙁 infatuation feeling is gone! *pouts* bad news, he say i prob. cant do strenous exercise for at least 9 months to 1 year…. and to think i was thinking of wakeboarding soon. doc didnt say much either, just recovering well and errmm… another appt’s due in 3 months. and that, took another 50+ bucks outta my depleting account.

oh. last week, during one of the physio sesh, when the therapist was trying to get me to do some exercises..i had this loud “cluck cluck” sound coming from my hip joint of my right leg, and a slight discomfort. i told the therapist and he did some checks, some pulling and stuff and declared that my right leg is going to get dislocated anytime, cos the joint is very very loose. that explains why sometimes, my right leg cramps at the thigh area and some other times, it just numbs up. bad news definitely. i dont even remember injuring that part of the body.

sigh. ok. i cant think and im typing gibberish.

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