the week literally FLEW by.. and wow, tomorrow it’s friday already!

i spent the week recuperating and busy trying to familiarize myself with my nds lite and the many games that der downloaded for me.. >5gb worth! played less than 10 games thus far because of the lack of time, with me battling fatigue and all.

last weekend was a great one. weather for last saturday was good, and i brought der to bishan park for some quiet brunch amongst the greens. we had a quiet meal, and enjoyed ourselves tremendously, slowly enjoying our food, not rushing anyway and just enjoying life..

i miss having days like that.. life has been too hectic that it is so hard to slow down and catch up with yourself.

sunday was spent meaningfully in some sense. I was part of a committee of a carnival that the company organized to help raise money for hungry children. it was a world-wide movement for y.u.m restaurants where we actively try to raise funds in many other ways.

i was put to be in-charge of the dunking station, and because there was a lack of dunkees, i volunteered myself to be dunked.

it was a terrible experience in some sense, because, somehow, people seemed to be very happy dunking us! the dunking station raised the highest amount of $2,224 ($4 per try, 3 balls) and that equates to more than 500 over people paying and more than 1500 balls!

just give it a 30% chance of hitting the target and you can sorta guess who many times the 3 girls dropped into the water. there were some players that were so sharp that they hit bulls’ eyes for all the balls they had, and the record was hazel being dunked 5 times in a row by 2 boys. i was kinda mad at the people dunking me, because they have no regard for safety. at some instances, i wasn’t even ready (for safety reasons) and they just throw and i almost drowned in some sense. but because the water was shallow, of cos that was not possible at all.. so i ended up drinking a lot of water, having a lot of water flushed through my nose and having the board hitting my spine/back perpetually that i had a swollen bruise that hurts big time. my butt and legs were also aching from all that climbing out of that dunking pool.

and because of all those water flushing through my nose, i caught a cold (being dunked from 11.30am to almost 6pm), being wet all the time, and the sun was scorching hot that we were all highly dehydrated. so, i spent the week trying to nurse myself back into health, putting aloe on my burnt skin and hoping that it wouldn’t hurt that much but my throat is still inflamed at this moment while i type.

and while everyone think it’s damn fun to be on the dunking machine, it was hard work and at one point in time, i was so demoralized and kept asking myself why i am doing the shit and hurting all over, but it was all for a good cause and i am glad i was part of it before i have a brand new start in 2 weeks.

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