this is the surprise that i was brewing last nite.

sally had a surprise party! that’s the reason why i didnt go into details in my blog for the last 2 days. rushed to find a frame for the cross stitch right after work. then bobbed down to town, grabbed wrappers and card to go with it. met tay ping hui at wheelock! aww.. he looked at me, but i was caught off guard and showed him a blank face as we walked past each other. shit man. i should have flashed my nicest smile! afterall, i like it when he smile, with the cute dimple there. i must say he’s quite bulky with all his muscles..

’nuff said. pictures. i think that’s the things people see in my blog anyway. dont think anyone reads everything. 🙁

(more pictures from fuji’s cammie here)

the party was fun. the food is good. the people great. the service ok. but, i liked the fact that they actually played a happy birthday song over the whole restuarant when the cake was served. how sweet.

then came the sad news. amidst the dinner, i got a phone msg. damn! i’m half angry, half sad, half glad (for him), and half lost. Oops. that makes up 2.. err.. confused is the word. i didnt know what to feel.

and so the good times has ended. the office will be quieter. familiar sights will not recur, no matter how hard i hope. despite knowing this will come, and prepping myself for it. it still caught me and hit me hard.

i didnt know what to say. if only words can find their way. sigh. i pray that the friendship will stay. the laughter remain (in my heart definitely) and life gets better for all of us.

my heart’s feeling heavy, that’s for sure. and suddenly i hope time will stop moving from the morning.

it’s not within my ability to do anything. i cant comprehend. as the spanish people say, no comprehende!