my brows are wrinkled. im feeling lethargic. feeling groggy after being woken up by my ringing phone. im so tired!

wei just called and told me that one of his now project mates was my ex marcom mate in tp. small world.

it seems that i cant even hold my attention span together to read a book. not even a page into reading and i dozed off. too tired? i dunno. i seemed to sleep a lot recently, but it never seemed enough. where has the energetic rabbit in me gone to? i doze in the bus, in the train, while watching tv program last night, while trying to read a book just now. what is wrong with me??

am i too stressed up at work? am i using too much of my brain without realising it? im constantly having work bugging me at the back of my head. how best should i do this? how best can i do that? it’s like a constant subconscious troubleshooting session going on.. maybe im not too used to gearing up on work after such a long period of rest.

i told an old friend a secret today. it came as a surprise to him i guess. a pleasant surprise i hope. the secret was with me for the past 6 years. something that i don’t remember telling many people. prob. 1 or 2? anyway, it’s been such a long time.. i dont see any harm revealing it. i just hope it wont spoil the friendship or alter the friendship in any way.

it’s the weekend again. and im beginning to hate working on saturdays, but there’s loads to be done so i cant complain this weekend. i just cant believe that the week whizzes past so fast. or am i too slow to catch up with it?

going for a lunch date with jasmine, jean and joycelyn again after work tomorrow. oh, i forgot! and vanessa! whee! im looking forward to the fun we are gonna have.. will take pictures! i hope. i keep forgetting to fish out my cammie. like the dinner date i had with mich and jac.. i totally forgot abt it till i was in the train home. urgh!

and oh, please dun ask me what secret.. for the whole night.. everyone is asking me already. and no, im not saying.. unless u are the friend that im talking abt. hee. heading for bed.. mr. sandman, here i come!

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