i am very sleepy and tired. i slept fitfully the whole of last night, aint sure why.

the interview in the morning went quite well. even though the appointment on my organiser is 10am, the actual appointment is actually at 11am. Hmmm.. the lady at the agency must have told me the wrong time.

there’s a small little boo boo during the interview. and a really funny one. i always thought the name cherie is not common. so when one of the interviewers called for cherie, i quickly rose and went ahead, even tho another guy interviewer acknowledged my presence before that..

and so, i was led to this other room, where 2 kind ladies was interviewing me. halfway while we were chatting. this is what happened..

interviewer: oh so where did u go for a vacation?
me: oh, i went to the states to visit my mum..
interviewer: with family?
me: nah. alone.
interviewer: so u just dumped ur kid with your sister and went ahead and had fun?
me: huh? kid? i dont have a kid!

(quickly peers to the application form she was holding)

me: oh no! it’s the wrong cherie! oh my god!! im so sorry!! *laughs*

ok, all 3 of us had a good laugh. its such an awkward situation for me! and the name is the same! so they kindly escorted me out of the room and kindly asked the other cherie in.

and while i was coming outta the room, the guy was actually looking for me.. wondering where i went!


everyone else kinda laughed at the situation cos it created a commotion. the whole HR department, the receptionist, the rest of the interviewees, the interviewers. me. i almost teared cos its so damn embarrassing!

well.. that sorta relaxed me and the rest of interview was good! i’m kinda excited at the kind of exposure i would get on the job, so i really hope its good news even tho the office is a tad far.

it’s almost time for physiotherapy again. i’ll be popping in and out of the hospital on a daily basis. the cab fares to and fro is beginning to worry me a little. just the last 2 days, the cab fares i chalked up is almost a hundred buckaroos.

i really really want to be able to take public transport again, and to be frank.. i havent taken cab so often before! ever. in my life thus far.

well.. being the trigger mad me.. i snapped pictures during the physiotherapy.

the session started with a machine with suction caps, and u can feel electric currents running through it. the currents get stronger as time pass and i was feeling a little nausea afterwards. i wonder if it’s the empty stomach that’s causing it, or the treatment. well, this basically loosens the muscles up.

next i had to lay on my tummy, and at the end of the “bed”, sticking half my thighs, my knees and the rest of the leg out dangling in the air. i didnt take any pictures of this cos the angle was totally wrong and it’s so bloody painful! a hot water bag (i think) is being placed at the back of my knee and on my calf, leaving my injured leg to support the weight!

Ouch! it hurts SOOOOooooOOOOO much that i almost cried. thank god for the handsome footballer beside me. he kept talking to me and kept me sane. surprisingly, the leg is much more straighten because at that angle, the weight forced the knee to straighten.

the torture lasted for quite a while, before i was turned ard in PAIN, and asked to rest my thighs on a triangular thingy and raise my calf. ouch! this hurts terribly too! it’s really not easy…

tried to walk using the railing support, but i couldnt do it the correct way, and was asked to do half squats instead. another bout of pain and torture.

almost 2 hours later, i was given cold pack treatment to cool the knee down and reduce the swelling. it was really cold (the skin was red and numb) but seriously i didnt feel anything. and i have another 1-2 weeks of such tortures to go. the physio sessions also burned a $372 hole in my ever depleting account. just for 8 sessions.

now, i really wanna recover well and save money. or rather, i should say, prevent myself running into more debts. i really need a donation soon. any kind hearted people out there?

and oh, the sad news.. the physiotherapist said i would injure my leg if i walked the way i walked yesterday and so, im back to crutches! one 1 side. i got to learn to use the leg and make it stronger. it’s SO MUCH PAIN. and i walk much slower as compared to when i initially had my crutches. every step is a torture and im so worried that it would just give way.

by the way, the footballer that talked to me.. we made introductions but i cannot remember his name! errr.. sorry.. im really really am quite bad with malay names, especially the guys. i tried to surf the net and find a familiar face.. didnt really see all the players since some of websites doesnt have clear pictures.. but i think it’s him. aint really sure tho.

will check it out later again. we pretty much will be seeing each other for the next week!