okie. the months have passed in a flash and we are almost into the month of may! this is not very good news cos i have yet to take any leave for the entire year. i have 30 days to clear and that is really bad considering that my work schedule is so hectic.

and so, i am happy to announce that i am going on a trip to vietnam in mid June! ok. this is the yearly family trip that we always have but i missed out the last 2 years because of work and it was japan and korea! (*sob*)

anyway, this year it’s gonna be vietnam. ok. i chose the location because i was chatting with my aunt and i stated that that taiwan and vietnam are the 2 places that i want to travel to.. and so.. somehow, she managed to get the entire family heading towards vietnam. it’s always nice to travel to a country that you have yet been to. Many interesting things to explore i suppose.

and so. yay! yay! the trip is booked, confirmed and paid. i’ll be taking my well-deserved break from 16-20 june. WhoooPpeeEEEEeeeee!

and i’m planning a short trip somewhere near or to taiwan in early july. i hope that materializes cos i really wanted to go taiwan! but..seriously, i wouldn’t mind going hongkong all over again. or maybe rendang just to chill and get away. 🙂

i feel happy just thinking about it.

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