i cannot resist the temptation to WANT to blog. 😉

so many things to put into my virtual thoughts bank… and guess what?! the c e o is having runs for the tummy and decided to head home to rest. no govt for the rest of the day! tho work is still existing, i shall be lazy for a moment.

some happy things:

1. i FINALLY painted my room (with the help of wei)! in a light shade of pink and i LOVE it!

sorry abt the mess. i haven’t really gotten into packing my stuff neatly, just it’s just dumps here and there!

2. we are going BLADING tomorrow!! *flips with joy*
3. it’s PH again tomorrow… YAY YAY YAY!

eerrm. i can’t find anymore happy things to say at the moment and my head is feeling damn light. feel like fainting any moment for the last couple of hours. dunno why.

and oh! i haven’t had the time for any collage but here’s some pictures from the bala scene last friday..

30 pints + wine + stella.. errrmm, who’s the alcoholic?!

alrighty. back to work. shall give a full account on bala and the weekend when time permits!

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