i got a new computer at work that is faster than my already-quite-fast computer back home, and i punched in at work at 8.29am this morning. that’s 2 things to keep me happy for now.

i spent the whole morning migrating the files from my lappie into my new computer and im having a whole load of trouble with the mails that i have in outlook express. im seeing a whole lot of foreign error messages that i have never seen before and after troubleshooting it and managing to import them into the current computer, outlook express crashed each time i start. something is definitely wrong somewhere!

shall tend to it when i get back on monday. it’s almost near knock off time and the weekend is here! i’m gonna meet shuyu for lunch and maybe pop over to kbox. initially wanted to go for a swim & tan but cant seemed to find anyone to go with. looks like i dont have much “healthy lifestyle” friends.

i dont know why my browser just refreshed by itself every now and then and i lose all the stuff that i typed here… and it’s already the 3rd time im retyping this entry. Grr… wondering if norton is the culprit, but i have no time to check the settings out.

yesterday was a hectic day at work.. so many things to do and i have a kid to deal with the same time. the kid came and made all kinds of comments.. and really piss the hell outta me, but yet, i can only grit my teeth and swallow my anger. it’s really disturbing when im trying to get work done and there she is, meddling with my concentration level by digging into the papers i have on my desk, dumping all her “masak” on my desk and seeking my attention making sure that im listening to her while she explains every single item. and i had to pretend to be interested in her chickee club bags (not sure of the spelling tho), pencil case, folders, books, stationery..

and when i was walking to a colleague’s table to use a program that wasnt installed in my computer, she was shouting out loud, “CHERIE! WHY ARE U STROLLING AROUND AND NOT WORKING?”

im amazed at how she can max my tolerance level. and that’s not all.. when i was fixing up the new computer and trying to re-run the wires at my desk, climbing, squatting, leaning and stretching, she was a little movable obstacle that was constantly in my way.

it doesnt help much when she kept adding oil to the fumes that was growing in me. she was shouting these comments in mandarin the whole time while i was setting the computer up:
“cherie! your jeans very loose leh! can see your butt! mummy! come see cherie’s butt”
“cherie! can you pull your jeans higher?”
“cherie! can you pull your top lower?”
“cherie! why do you wear until so sexy to the office?”
“cherie! aiyo! your hair very messy. can you tie up your hair?”

i tried to ignore her. but she kept going and going and repeating when necessary. i didnt think what i wore was sexy. i wore a 3/4 long sleeve top from G2000 (since when are their stuff sexy!?!?) and levis jeans. my jeans was loose though, cos my big thighs would fit a smaller size, so my smaller waist will have to go for a hipster look. and while stretching and bending and squatting, im sure my top would have scrunch up higher than it’s suppposed to be and my jeans lower into the buttt cheeks. and im under constant verbal attack while trying to beat doing everything before the knock off time.

imagine the fluster and frustration i was in. even my colleague was giggling away at my plight cos she knew i cannot do anything abt it when i face my boss other than to smile. annoying isnt it?

Oops. got to go. knocking off. dont wanna be late for the lunch appointment. wont update till sunday night or monday! 🙂

hope everyone have a nice weekend!